2019 Honda Crosstour Release date

2019 Honda Crosstour

Honda Crosstour debuted in 2009 as a full-size crossover SUV and it was being produced up until 2015. The factor for production discontinuation was the exceptionally low sales. It arrived in 2010 with nearly 29,000 systems offered. Nevertheless, the sales were dropping ever since and it struck the bottom in 2015 with only 9,000 systems offered. In spite of sophisticated exterior and many safety functions, the marketplace simply didn’t desire it. It is actually hard to inform exactly what the factor was for such outcome and it takes more analysis. Nevertheless, some reports appeared that the Japanese car manufacturer may restore this model and release it as the 2019 Honda Crosstour. Despite the fact that no one understands if this is going to become a reality or not, there are some speculations how it may appear like.

2019 Honda Crosstour Review

First off, want that this lorry hasn’t been verified hence do not take this post to the bank. The 2019 model ought to be a mix of a coupe and sports energy automobile.

The very first model was launched under the name of Accord Crosstour so it is apparent it looks like Accord in numerous elements.

The efficiency of the very first generation was good, however given that it cannot turn into one of the marketplace’s favorites. This indicates Honda needed to develop a brand-new strategy and considerably revamp the Crosstour.

2019 Honda Crosstour

Engine and Specs

The previous designs were geared up with a 3.5-liter six-cylinder developed by Honda. Nevertheless, this engine is going to be deserted and the 2019 Honda Crosstour will have other alternatives if launched. According to specialists, there are going to be at least 2 various engines which will be more horse power and torque than its predecessor.

The base engine might be a 2.4 l i-VTEC four-cylinder while the 2nd choice may be a 3.5 l i-VTEC inline-6. These 2 will be combined with various transmissions.

The 2.4 l is going to have a 6-speed transmission, while the 2nd one will be mated to a 5-speed transmission. Both of these engines are going to have either FWD or AWD.

2019 Honda Crosstour

When it pertains to sustain economy there is no trustworthy info. The 3.5-liter V6 that was utilized under the hood of the 2015 model had an EPA ranking standing at 20/30/23 mpg for FWD and 19/28/22 mpg for AWD. With these figures, it might be thought about as a fuel-efficient lorry.

New engines must be at least as reliable as these the 3.5-liter however we hope they will be even much better. With much better figures, brand-new Crosstour would have a big benefit over other cars in this class.

2019 Honda Crosstour


The 2019 Honda Crosstour is not one of those muscular and aggressive cars. It will look rather classy with a number of adjustments and enhancements.

Front bumper is anticipated to be larger while the grill needs to stay the like previously. Besides this adjustment, the brand-new model is expected to obtain brand-new 18-inch alloy wheels which will add to the sophistication.

More adjustments are anticipated, specifically when it concerns headlights and taillights, however we can not inform precisely how they are going to appear like.

2019 Honda Crosstour

Interior is going to be as sophisticated as the chassis. Top quality products are going to be utilized and it will be geared up with the current innovation. A few of the tech functions are navigation system and enhanced infotainment system.


Safety systems consist of a Forward Collision System and Lane Departure Warning System. Apart from these functions, there is going to be a rear-view video camera that has actually become part of the Crosstour given that 2012 model.

In addition, all trims are going to be geared up with a LaneWatch electronic camera, automated braking system, traction control and a lot more.

2019 Honda Crosstour Release date and Price

No one anticipates to see the 2019 Honda Crosstour prior to the last quarter of 2018, however there are currently some price evaluations. According to numerous sources price of the $29,000 appears rather sensible for this car.

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